Based in Kent, Noble Deeds is an Artisan fabric and wallpaper company that has a passion for the Bohemian lifestyle.

We are friends, artists, parents – modern women balancing our working, artistic and family commitments, as so many of you do.  We believe that our homes are a source of, and gallery for, our creativity – and we want to decorate them in line with this belief.

We want our designs to stand out, but also remind us of the simple things in life; transforming our ideas into materials to be enjoyed.   We want to be reminded of where we have come from, and energised as to where we can go. It’s about putting back what we have been given.

The designs are all inspired by everyday incidences, whether from a conversation with a neighbour, a Summer’s afternoon walk through local orchards or a chance encounter with a frost pattern on a car windscreen.  These humble beginnings are then explored further and developed into contemplative designs that embody our Noble Deeds philosophy.

Kate Martin and Francisca de Brauw